Girls can get easily charmed with someone who has a great sense of humor. And this very same sense of humor can get you into a fun and lovely relationship with the one girl you love. However, it sometimes is a big challenge to keep fun and relationship together.


You can develop your witty streak through text and email messages. You can start sending out humorous messages to the one you love and begin to impress her and make her laugh. This will very likely produce the great results you have been aiming for.


Girls enjoy spending time with someone who is witty. Fun and laughter can become spontaneous. The trick is to deliver your funny lines correctly. You can even throw in some suggestive lines and if you do them right, your girl would be least offended.


You can start with innocent cute messages for her. From there, you can move on to sending more suggestive yet still funny messages.  Sending these messages can help you start a conversation with the apple of your eye. And you can gradually create a bond that can soon blossom into a real relationship.


While some girls get offended with suggestive text messages, there are also those who have a great time laughing at "dirty" girls. This is why it is important that you deliver your suggestive jokes properly or else, you risk losing the chance to strike a conversation with your love interest. When done in a polished manner, girls can understand the subtle humor. So start light and take note of how your girl responds.


It also helps that you get to know your girl better before you even try to sneak into her radar. Do your homework and get to know what she likes. Which musician does she like most? What movies is she into? Who is her favorite actor? Once you have the answers to these, you can come up with jokes that you can relate to your girl's preferences.



If you are running out of ideas, you can always do your research online. Look for funny lines that your girl most likely has not heard of yet. If you are too nervous to approach her and crack your witty lines face to face, you can always start introducing yourself through text or email. And if your relationship indeed blossoms, do not forget to keep the laughter alive. It sure is a lot different to bring fun into your relationship. Here are some knock knock jokes for adults!